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Industry standard audits conducted onsite and online.



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Five reasons to use QHS

  1. Legislation – the sale and handling of foods and perishable goods is a heavily legislated area and we will advise you on all aspects of law and compliance regards Food Safety and Hygiene.
  2. Reputation – as a retailer, hospitality vendor or manufacturing plant, you know the value of your reputation. The old saying goes... ‘A happy customer tells one person, an unhappy one tells ten’. Protect your reputation and get an expert on the job.
  3. Costs – doing everything by the book and to the highest standards now, will save you lots of time and prevent unnecessary waste down the line. Consider use of QHS as an investment and a guarantee that you will not need to make huge costly overhauls in the future due to legislative issues or other factors.
  4. Peace of mind – setting up your own business in the retail and hospitality or manufacturing industry takes spirit and innovation. You want to make sure you know you’re doing your best in a tough trading environment. Minimising risk makes perfect sense in today’s competitive environment
  5. Best practice standards – as a rule, usually the highest standards get you the best results. Putting in place the best business practices in every part of your business is a solid start. Hygiene and Food standards implemented by QHS will give you the opportunity to maintain those standards to the highest level.

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