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FoodMaster ( Food Audit Software) will save you time and money

FoodMaster is a software programme designed by QHS that allows for a systematic and pre-planned approach to Food Safety auditing. One of the specific aims of FoodMaster is to change the way we approach the process.

The traditional system can be somewhat subjective and may give inconsistent and misleading results. FoodMaster brings food safety auditing to a new level where a transparent and objective approach will provide consistent and reliable results.

At QHS, we believe feedback and information is what any audit thrives on. With this mind, we developed FoodMaster. Our system gives maximum feedback of results in an easy to follow format, and will provide your business with a solid framework within which their food safety programme can prosper.

10 reasons for you to use the FoodMaster system

  1. It provides audits which are transparent, objective and consistent.
  2. Saves you time and money on many aspects of the audit process from report writing to results delivery.
  3. Allocates resources based on risk assessment e.g. where money should be spent.
  4. Provides a measure of the relative ‘Food Safety Risk’ in each premises.
  5. Identifies the weakest link: 1. System 2. Records 3 Operations.
  6. Provides for measurement for effectiveness and verification of corrective action.
  7. Allows for monitoring of audit trends within each premises from audit to audit and across premises providing a platform for benchmarking.
  8. Provides comprehensive reporting.
  9. System is flexible to incorporate any new developments e.g. legislative as they arise, or standards such as ISO2200/ BRC, etc.
  10. Helps the development of your company’s food safety system and facilitates continuous improvement

Is FoodMaster for me?

The short answer is...probably yes! If you are concerned about food safety auditing and training and are a retailer, manufacturer or in the hospitality sector, talk to us about it.

Do you think you can use technology in your food safety planning and auditing....

  • as an alternative external audit system facilitating an in-house awards scheme.
  • as an in-house audit system based on a franchise arrangement facilitating ownership of system with QHS specialists providing training and technical support. This could be used for Companies own internal auditors
  • as both an external audit system and internal audit system combined. The internal audits would be based on the external audit system. Results of both could be trended and compared
  • to benchmark your premises performance across agreed KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) e.g. either across areas or issues like cleaning, maintenance and more.

Food safety and hygiene is important for your business – talk to us about it today