Developing the Right Food Safety System

Having a Food Safety System in place is, of course, a legal requirement in Ireland.  However, one size does not always fit all when it comes to implementation.  That is why it is so important to ensure the systems your business has in place suit your needs.

Food Safety Consulting

You will need an experienced consultant to help you navigate through the necessary requirements and advise you on best practice.  You will also value their experience when it comes to creating the right plan for you.  QHS systems will help you record and monitor activities.

We offer a 3-phase approach that ensures you get the results you need;

Phase 1 – We carry out a rigorous initial assessment of your needs. We propose a plan and approach that fits best with you and your management team. Our goal is to get a comprehensive overview of your business and your requirements.

Phase 2 – Based on the plan agreed in phase one, we concentrate on the application of this plan according to agreed timelines. Commitment to our overall approach and ensuring we meet targets and timelines at every point will result in a well-run and managed project. This ensures you get the best from QHS as we provide you with the knowledge and expertise to maximise your food safety project to agreed timelines and procedures.

Phase 3 –This is the part where we test and analyse our plan to make sure it is working as designed. A full verification that the system is effective is the final phase of our consultancy approach.

Food Safety Advice

We not only tell you what to do, we help you do it.  Communication is key at all levels with both business owners and key staff members.  We take a professional interest in your business and how you operate that is why we can create solutions that not only keep you compliant but also are realistic for your day to day operations.

We will audit your current situation and will base our recommendations on best practice and the latest legislations.  We ensure you fully understand what is required and give you the confidence to know how to implement the necessary steps.  For more information speak with our expert team today.

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