Food Safety Training

We are all aware that Food Safety Training is a legal requirement in Ireland.  The proprietor of the business has a responsibility to ensure all staff are sufficiently trained.  However, it is not just a box ticking exercise, there are numerous advantages to your business when your team are fully trained.

Benefits of training

Organisations that have trained staff are more efficient, will compete on a par with any other competitor and are shown to be more profitable.  That is because a trained employee will follow best practice and standards will rise accordingly. When the quality improves the product becomes more attractive to customers.

Trained staff save the business money, and that is one of the most attractive benefits of training in the long run.  There will be less wastage as staff will be mindful of how to store and handle the product.  Their own actions will now be more efficient and time saving which in turn saves money.

When staff are confident in their role, they will know what needs to be done and will also be aware of any potential lapses that could cause issues.  Training ensures the production of safe food and consistent results will promote a good company image.  Therefore, raising both the quality and profile of the business.

When staff know how to do their job, they have an increased sense of worth and morale is naturally increased.  Happy employees will lead to happy teams.  When morale is high, a team works well together, and they become a good fit.  It is much more difficult for people to leave such a job, because of their increased satisfaction.  Trained staff are motivated and happy in their roles, making retention of good team members easier.

Training brings rewards

Yes, training of staff in food safety is a requirement in Ireland but it certainly brings more rewards than we sometimes recognise.  Invest in your team today by giving them the knowledge and confidence that will help them thrive.  Your business will certainly reap the rewards.

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